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Photovoltaic power lab

Testing of all kinds of balance-of-system equipment for photovoltaic power plants such as inverters, power optimizers and switchgear (the facility has been used extensively for testing module-integrated inverters). Investigations into the variability of the ambient parameters irradiation, temperature, and their impact on the yield of the plant.

Equipment and instrumentation

A 10 kW PV power plant, with polycrystalline PV panels, where the terminals of all strings are easily available. Pyranometers and reference cells for measuring direct and total irradiation. Thermometers and anemometers for measuring temperature and wind speed. Sensors for measuring all electrical quantities related to the plant—voltages, currents, DC power, AC power. Data acquisition system for continuously logging all data at one sample per second.


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Last changed: Sep 20, 2018