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Division of Fusion Plasma Physics

The Division of Fusion Plasma Physics is part of the Department of Electrical Engineering at the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. We conduct research and education within the fields of fusion and plasma physics, with focus on magnetically confined fusion plasmas. The research is motivated by the potential of fusion to become a clean and sustainable future energy source.

The division has a long standing tradition of research on fusion plasmas, initiated by Professor Bo Lehnert. We have in our lab an experimental device, EXTRAP T2R, where some of the research is performed. We also participate in both experimental and theoretical research at JET (Joint European Torus), today the world's largest fusion experiment, as well as other fusion devices in Europe. The Swedish fusion research is part of the European research effort involving the fusion research centres in the European countries. The research is coordinated and partly funded by Euratom.

On this site you find information about fusion energy and about current activities in Swedish and international fusion research. Students will find information about courses in fusion plasma physics and contact information for thesis work.

The Division of Fusion Plasma Physics is part of the (historical) Alfvén Laboratory.

Research Groups

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