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Studies within Fusion Plasma Physics

The Division of Fusion Plasma Physics is highly involved in teaching and gives courses and programs for bachelor, master and Ph.D. students. The division also offers master degree projects.

Program and courses

The division of Fusion Plasma Physics' education covers all aspects of fusion, plasma, magnetohydrodynamics and electromagnetic processes. We are involved in the 5-year Master of Science in Electrical Engineering and the Master Programme in Electromagnetic, Fusion and Space Engineering.


The division is involved in the following programs:

Master Programme in Electromagnetic, Fusion and Space Engineering 

Master of Science in Electrical Engineering (information in Swedish)


The division gives the following courses for bachelor-, master- and Ph.D. students.

Courses within Fusion and Plasma Physics

Master degree projects

Available master's thesis projects

Study of causality in time-spectral methods for initial-value problems (pdf 392 kB)

Study of the incidence of gyrating ions at rough surfaces (pdf 331 kB)

Study of self-organisation events in magnetized laboratory plasma (pdf 102 kB)

Calibration of time of flight detector for accelerator-based studies of plasma-modified wall materia (pdf 451 kB)

Growth rate of resistive wall instabilities in EXTRAP T2R (pdf 100 kB)

Other master degree projects are published in the degree project portal .


If you are interested in performing your master thesis at the division, please get in contact with the following persons.

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