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Plasma control and MHD research

Brief information on EXTRAP T2Rs capabilities to perform novel MHD physics experiments. The interface between MHD and control is likely to be crucial for realisation of future commercial magnetic-confinement fusion power plants.

Cartoon showing saddle coil arrays and the anatomy of the metallic shells of EXTRAP T2R.

The above figure shows the installed 4x32 array of saddle coils available at T2R. The red coils can be driven by power-audio amplifiers to generate magnetic fields to stabilise the otherwise unstable magnetic field diffusion. The process is measured by the blue sensor coils.

It turns out that if the control system is programmed appropriately, the coil array can not only stabilise T2R nonaxisymmetric MHD external modes, but also allow quite arbitrary shaping of the boundary radial magnetic field. Novel MHD physics studies can then be performed.

Check out the feedback control outreach paper by Piero Martin in Europhysics News (vol 42, no 6, p 40) here: Feedback control in magnetic nuclear fusion . T2R clamping of plasma boundary condition is featured, among other things.

More information coming soon.


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