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Student Workshop


Some things to consider these times:

  • Clean your hands before starting to work for at least 30 seconds
  • Smallest sign of sickness, STAY HOME!
  • Extra important to clean after yourselves. Clean both working area and ALL tools used with alcohol/disinfectant spray
  • Never work alone! This is especially important right now when there are fewer people in the building. If something goes wrong there might not be anyone to help you!

If you intend to work in the student workshop, please notify the student responsible!

Student workshop is a workshop for student project and prototype manufacturing. It is used in project courses, space-related projects, by some student associations, etc.

We have the equipment needed to realize your exciting projects. There are facilities for work with electronics, metal/wood manufacturing, as well as space for assembly and testing.

Student workshop was used in earlier projects involving wind power turbines, electrical motors, several REXUS projects, prototype manufacturing for research projects, and many others!

The workshop is located at Alvén Laboratory. Welcome to realize your project!

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