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NAVET WEEK 2022 - Day 5 at Konstfack - Sonic Spaces

NAVET welcomes you to NAVET WEEK 2022, a week of activities, open for everyone (free admission), including live performances, interactive installations, presentations and workshops distributed between KTH, KMH Royal College of Music, SKH Stockholm University of the Arts, Konstfack and Scenkonstmuseet – The Swedish Museum of Performing Arts.

Tid: Fr 2022-12-16 kl 10.00 - 16.00

Plats: LM Ericssons Väg 14, 126 27 Hägersten

Språk: English

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Please register to the NAVET WEEK 2022 events here:  NAVET WEEK 2022 registration form .

More information about the NAVET WEEK 2022 at www.kth.se/navet/navet-week .

10.00-14.00 Konstfack - Sonic Spaces

Adress: LM Ericssons Väg 14, 126 27 Hägersten

This year Konstfack  organizes a serier of improvisations and performances with sound and sonic spaces in focus. Everyone is welcome!

10.00 Quad by Samuel Beckett, reinterpreted by participants of the professional course Sound in Interaction at Konstfack

11.00 Espèces d’Espaces / Species of Spaces. The sonic space experienced, projected, imagined. A series of live improvisations on a virtual acoustic space. Ricardo Atienza, Niklas Billström, Ilaria Capalbo, Leif Jordansson, Robin McGinley

12:00 Break

13.00 mälar89sl, collective live improvisation on a video score

Sound and Light Installations

During the NAVET WEEK there are two light installations at the KTH Campus Valhallavägen which were presented during the Nobel Week Lights , two installations at Swedish Museum of Performing Arts ( Scenkonstmuseet ) and one installation in Flemingberg :