Pedagogiskt seminarium

Innovation & Entrepreneurship - Resources for you who teach at KTH

Tid: Ti 2018-09-25 kl 10.00

Föreläsare: Tom Magnergård or Gustav Notander

Plats: room C, Kista and room F3 Campus Valhallavägen

Innovation & Entrepreneurship - Resources for you who teach at KTH

When teaching at KTH, especially in courses surrounding innovation and entrepreneurship, it’s not uncommon that questions around commercialization. KTH Innovation not only supports researchers, students and employees at KTH in the commercialization of new technology, but can also support you in your role as a teacher in answering these questions.

KTH Innovation regularly holds lectures on topics such as factors of failure and success in commercialization of new technology, dealing with IP and agreements, and pitch and sales techniques in programs and courses at KTH. They can help in project courses, and also support the students who want to keep on developing their ideas after the course is finished. Additionally, at any time there are several projects at KTH Innovation that could be fit as student projects in courses and degree projects.

The motivation for this session is twofold: KTH Innovation’s business coaches would like to tell you more about how KTH Innovation can support you in your role as a teacher at KTH, but also find out what kind of support you would want and need from them.

KTH Innovation was started in 2007, and has since then helped over 2000 ideas develop toward the market. The team offers free of charge support in business development, idea development, patents and IPR, building a team, funding, and much more. Visit KTH Innovation’s website for more information.

Tom Magnergård or Gustav Notander, they are Business Development Coaches at KTH Innovation.