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Successful SPP Summer Course

“Exploring the Physics of Planetary Environments"

Publicerad 2019-08-26

A new summer block course with the title “Exploring the Physics of Planetary Environments” was held at the Space and Plasma Physics division of KTH between August 13 and 22, 2019. 25 students from 14 different universities across Europe as well as South Africa and the USA came for the two weeks to Stockholm to participate in the course.

With a combination of lectures and workshops, the students learned how various planets and moons in the solar system are explored by spacecraft or remotely from Earth. Seven guest lecturers from Sweden, the US and Europe were invited to present their insights in their fields of research. Topics included the dynamical magnetic environment of planet Mercury, the recent in-situ exploration of a comet by ESA’s Rosetta mission and the extreme volcanism observed on Jupiter’s moon Io. The participating students also contributed to the program, through in-class presentations of their workshop results as well as of their own research projects.

A visit to the famous Vasa museum and a kayak tour on the weekend complemented the program. For more information on the program, see course website .

Summer Course participants during the kayak trip around "Kungsholmen"

The organizers want to thank all guest lecturers and participants for very successful two weeks!

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