2019-02-05 Faceted Secure Multi-Execution

Maximilian Algehed from Chalmers University of Technology will give a seminar on 5 February at 15:15 in room 4523, Lindstedtsvägen 5. The title of the talk is "Faceted Secure Multi-Execution".


To enforce non-interference, both Secure Multi-Execution (SME) and Multiple Facets (MF) rely on the introduction of multi-executions. The attractiveness of these techniques is that they are precise: secure programs running under SME or MF do not change their behavior. Although MF was intended as an optimization for SME, it does provide a weaker security guarantee for termination leaks. This paper presents Faceted Secure Multi Execution (FSME), a novel synthesis of MF and SME that combines the stronger security guarantees of SME with the optimizations of MF. The development of FSME required a unification of the ideas underlying MF and SME into a new multi-execution framework (Multef), which can be parameterized to provide MF, SME, or our new approach FSME, thus enabling an apples-to-apples comparison and benchmarking of all three approaches. Unlike the original work on MF and SME, Multef supports arbitrary (and possibly infinite) lattices necessary for decentralized labeling models—a feature needed in order to make possible the writing of applications where each principal can impose confidentiality and integrity requirements on data. We provide some micro-benchmarks for evaluating Multef and write a file hosting service, called ProtectedBox, whose functionality can be securely extended via third-party plugins.

Tillhör: Skolan för elektroteknik och datavetenskap (EECS)
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