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We welcome you to the webpage of the Electrical Energy Conversion (E2C) department at the KTH School of Electrical Engineering.

The major research areas at E2C are electrical machines and drives, power electronics and control, and electric traction.

In house we have a large and well equipped laboratory, where most of the practical education and experimental research is performed.

Read more about our research and the education we provide, or learn more about E2C and the people who work here, by exploring our website. Students will find information about courses in electrical machines and power electronics and suggestions for thesis work.


At E2C we provide courses on electrical machines and drives, electrical machine analysis, power electronics and their control, as well as hybrid electric drives. We offer project courses and master thesis projects for undergraduate students and welcome graduate students to join our group for post graduate education.


Our research activities focus on electrical machines and drives, as well as on power electronics and their control for applications such as industrial drives, electric traction, wind power generation or power transmission and distribution.


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Research projects

Research projects

Research projects at Electrical Energy Conversion.

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