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We focus on controlled thermonuclear research, leading to a potentially clean and economically viable future energy source.

The department also has a long standing tradition of research on basic plasma physics, initiated by Prof. Bo Lehnert.

In house we have a major fusion experiment, the EXTRAP T2R reversed-field pinch, where most of the experimental research is performed.

On this site you find information about fusion power in general and about current activities in Swedish and international fusion research.

Students will find information about courses in fusion and plasma physics and suggestions for thesis work.

The Swedish fusion research is part of the European research effort involving the fusion research centres of the European Union and Switzerland. It is coordinated and partly funded by Euratom. Several Swedish researchers are active at JET (Joint European Torus), the world's largest fusion experiment today.

Short introduction to fusion plasma physics

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Plasma-juggling using power audio amplifiers

One of our projects is development and assessment of control systems for stabilization and optimization of magnetically confined plasmas.

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