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Gröna Tåget

Gröna Tåget (Green Train) is a research programme aiming at developing a concept proposal for a future fast- and high-speed train, for speeds up to 250-320 km/h, adapted for Nordic conditions.

Gröna Tåget

The programme will result in a concept proposal, that is, a collection of elaborate ideas and suggestions for making the train attractive, economical and energy efficient.

Some aspects that are particularly important in the Nordic countries are the use of smaller train units that can be coupled together and apart according to the variations of the amount of passengers. Further, the trains should be track-friendly and reliable, even in winter climate.

The research programme is performed during the period 2005-2011. It is funded by the Swedish Transport Administration (Trafikverket) and conducted in cooperation with Bombardier Transportation. KTH Railway Group runs several projects within the research programme.

More information:

The coordinators of Gröna Tåget at KTH

Name Role Telephone E-mail
Evert Andersson Programme coordinator 08-790 76 28
070-604 72 55
Oskar Fröidh Coordinator, market,
traffic and train concepts
08-790 83 79