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KTH Live-In Lab presents at Urban Living Lab Summit 2020

AMS Institute
Published Jun 17, 2020

Next Monday 22nd June, Urban Living Labs Summit 2020 organised by AMS Institute will take place digitally. KTH Live-In Lab is one of the presenters.

Transitioning to a sustainable, just, and stable society is necessary, on an unprecedented scale and speed. In many innovation projects, scientific programs, and municipal organizations, (urban) living labs are achieving good results.

But are these Labs well understood and well implemented? Are they solving the problems better, cheaper, more sustainable? What are actionable prescriptions? Are there tools that can be proven to work? ( )

KTH Live-In Lab will be one of the Living Labs that presents at the workshop-phase of the Summit. In this workshop KTH Live-In Lab will describe the full process of a few projects performed in KTH Live-In Lab, from ideation to final report. We discuss identified steps/structures that have been identified as crucial to enable projects, to perform projects, and to use the outcome of projects, i.e to reach impact beyond the limited timeline of single projects. In this workshop we would like to share our experiences with those who are interested. Possibly also ending the workshop with a seed for a new international collaboration project.

To see the full program and registration please visit Urban Living Lab Summit 2020

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Last changed: Jun 17, 2020