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Framtidens delade boende: En rapport om hållbarhet i livsstil och bostad

Innoficial English tittle: The shared housing of the future: A report on sustainability in lifestyle and housing.

In collaboration with HSB Living Lab, KTH Live-In Lab and several industry colleagues, Akademiska Hus has run a collaborative project to get clearer answers on how we design the shared housing and co-living environments of the future.
The entire construction and real estate sector needs to reduce its environmental impact and energy use. At the same time, there is a great need for more housing and premises. More and more people are living alone today at the same time as the housing shortage is increasing. By sharing more, how can we reduce the need for resources and capital for new buildings? Can the collective use of our built environments be an answer to these questions, which contribute to sustainability from all aspects - socially, ecologically and economically?

This repport is in Swedish and can be read here: Framtidens delade boende

GDPR och smarta byggnader

The report, which is part of the project Digitalisation of the community building sector, provides commercial real estate actors with guidance on data management and shows how work with GDPR can be simplified. Cyril Holm, Department of Law at Stockholm University, has led the project in collaboration with KTH Live In Lab, The Department of Philosophy at KTH, Akademiska hus and HSB.

GDPR och smarta byggnader  (in Swedish)

Sound-proofing between flexible apartments

There are regulations related to sound-proofing between apartments, and the current level for student apartments is 52dB, regulated in Boverkets Byggregler (BBR). When creating the first set of apartments in Testbed KTH, there was an interest from the involved researchers and companies to investigate the sound-proofing of flexible structures.

In Testbed KTH there is installation flooring from Lindner, click-walls from Oneday Wall, and ceiling from Ecophon. The walls between the four apartments were designed in two different ways, see figure 2 below. One where the wall studs are in line (Röd mätning/Red measurement), and one, more complicated/expensive where the studs are separated in order not to transfer sound (Blå mätning/blue measurement).

Read the whole report and results Sound-proofing between flexible apartments (2018-2019) (pdf 1.7 MB)

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Last changed: Jan 27, 2021