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About Digital Futures

Digital Futures researches and develops digital technologies that can bring solutions to great societal challenges, in Sweden and globally.

Digitalization has the potential to create a more resource efficient and sustainable society although it also poses some of the major scientific and technical challenges of our time. With Digital Futures, a new research area is emerging.

KTH Digital Futures working and meetingplace for project work, seminars, studies, demonstrators and networking

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Critical data systems in society must be robust; machines should be self-learning and require less human interaction, autonomous vehicles have to be safe for humans and sensitive information needs to be secure. There are increasing demands on the technological solutions for industrial and societal applications. In addition, they should be cost efficient and aligned with social and sustainability requirements. On top of this, there are ethical and existential topics to consider. What do we want a future society to provide? What should we try to avoid?

The Digital Futures initiative is a new large research area with great relevance for society, in Sweden but also globally. Although the focus is on technology and technical solutions, a broader base of competences and perspectives are vital in order to find solutions to the complex challenges of today. Therefore, all schools at KTH are involved in Digital Futures with a range of expertise in computer science, robotics, artificial intelligence, geo information technology, energy, infrastructure, urban and regional studies, medical technology, visualization, biotechnology, speech technology, systems theory and machine learning. Expertise and perspectives from the private and public sector are provided in collaborations and knowledge exchange with external partners and other universities.

Several cross-disciplinary research projects launched already on research related to digital assistants in care for the elderly, managing sensitive personal data, smart solutions for water distribution and programmable microscale robotic matter.

Digital Futures will be a meeting place also for smaller projects, for networking, education and inspiration. An important task is to provide researchers an environment to try new ideas and meet colleagues across disciplines. The second floor of the new building for Architecture and Building, at KTH Campus will be the meeting place for research on digitalization. It will also serve as a showroom for ongoing research and provide workshops, exhibitions and lectures.

The initiative is based on the assignment to KTH by the Swedish government to establish a strategic research environment for crossdisciplinary research on the future technologies for digitalization.

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