Why Road2Science?

Imagine a world where it is normal that when you drive over a road, energy for the surrounding neighbourhoods is generated, without producing any fumes or greenhouse gasses.
Imagine that there will no longer be emissions coming from the construction and maintenance of our infrastructure and that roads are seen as the silent green veins through our urban jungle.
Imagine roads that automatically warn the drivers for slippery conditions and that let the contractors and road authorities know when a crack is about to be formed.....

Infrastructure has always been an integral part of our society, yet providing mobility was until now its main function. Sweden has embarked on a new journey in which the role of infrastructure is becoming more and more integrated into the sustainable development of our society. Along with this change comes a whole new market in which infrastructure technology and services will become internationally marketable products for its stakeholders.

With Road2Science as its innovation accelerator, the Swedish infrastructure sector, along with all its new partners, has embarked on an exciting journey where technology meets sustainability and where creativity meets business.

Road2Science therefor aims to:

  • Develop innovation through collaborative research and interdisciplinary learning;
  • Enhance knowledge transfer through online training and staff exchange programmes;
  • Contribute to higher education and industry growth by creating close and effective links between education, research and innovation;
  • Serve as a model of collaboration between academia, government authorities and industry at national and global level.
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