Smarter Water Use for Industries and the Environment

Daniel Woldemariam, Andrew Martin

Membrane Distillation (MD) Research Group, Energy Technology Department, KTH Royal Institute Technology


Many industries need clean water for their production lines while industrial effluents can still be highly polluted. The traditional linear flows pose complex challenges not only in terms of removal efficiency but also in economy. KTH now works with partners from industry and research institutes to provide solutions building on membrane distillation (MD) and recirculation of industrial water. The MD research group at KTH, together with IVL and other partners, carries out research on:

  • purification of effluents from municipal waste water treatment plants. The membrane distillation test at Hammarby Sjöstadsverk is part of establishing efficient technology towards removing all drug residues in wastewater.
  • water and ethanol recovery in bioethanol production plants. Every drop of ethanol and water recovered is an economic and environmental gain. Membrane distillation powered by district heating makes this recovery possible at a low cost.

Why waste water, money and the environment if industrial processes can be made smarter, for the environment and industries?

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