Architectural Technology

Architectural Technologies is a new division responsible for the education in building and construction technologies in the B.Arch and M.Arch curriculi. With the recruitment of professor Hanif Kara (installed summer 2007) and associate professor Tim Anstey (to be installed summer 2008) this subject is developing a, for the school, entirely new approach to research and education in this area.

AT engages both in the development of basic knowledge about structural theories, construction techniques, physical properties of materials and components, climate design etc; and in promoting technical competence in the handling of current and cutting edge digital tools used (or with potential to be used) for the purposes of architecture and building production. While the division has not yet initiated post-graduate levels of research, the main objective on all levels is to allow the student to engage in ‘design as research’. To this end the division generally encourages collaborative processes, interdisciplinary competence, open sharing of gathered facts and acquired knowledge, and builds into each course a cataloguing and documentation process which will result in a growing AT reference library. Post-graduate levels of research are planned to follow this logic.


Oliver Tessmann

Belongs to: School of Architecture and the Built Environment (ABE)
Last changed: Mar 17, 2014