Division of Construction and Facilities Management

The division of Project Communication is performing education and research in project management and communication.

The research includes organisation and management of the entire construction process, from idea and design to production and maintenance. The focus is on both the internal and the external communication and includes oral, written and mediated (IT) communication. The main issue is how the communication within and between individuals, projects and organizations can be organized and managed to ensure effective projects and successful project outcomes. The division is currently conducting a number of research projects in cooperation with industry, society and other universities.

The research projects (currently on-going and previously conducted) deals with the following questions:

  • The development of attractive and sustainable cities: The division is running a project for developing a Sustainable Urban Collaboration Hub – SUCH - for continuous evaluation and control of buildings and cities.
  • Conditions for effective project collaboration: One project at the division is focusing on developing a Collaboration Lab for education, research and development of information models and project collaboration.
  • Technical and organizational development, for example by implementing BIM: How are the new IT-tools actually used, how are they perceived and for what purposes are they used? A new IT-Barometer was conducted in 2011 to answer these and other questions concerning IT in real estate and construction.
  • The reasons for, and effects of, industrial house building: What initiatives have been taken and what are the learning outcomes?
  • Informal communication: A project at the division is studying the informal communication and its role for problem formulation and problem solving processes as well as learning processes within construction projects. The focus is on everyday small talk – narratives, gossip and war stories – but also on the use and role of social networks and social media.
  • Mobility: A project has studied mobility and sense making in construction projects during the production phase.
  • IT in its organizational context: A project is empirically studying communication in a contemporary construction project from an organizational perspective.
  • Collaboration projects are a relatively new organizational setup: how are these projects working, how are they managed and how are they performing? What traditional boundaries are challenged and what new boundaries are created? This project is studying boundary action in new collaborative practices.
  • IT-tools for design: A project is focusing on the development of prototypes in architecture.
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