Department of Real Estate and Construction Management

Sweden's leading academic environment for education and research in law, economics, management and financing related to real estate development, construction and property management.  

We educate and research on:

The department has close ties to the Centre for Banking and Finance.

Our department’s key areas include:

  • Issues of authorization in urban construction, land development, responsibility for and financing of infrastructure, plan implementation and property line adjustments, expropriation and questions of compensation.

  • Housing and rental law, property management, property assessment, market analysis, price formation in residential and commercial properties, real estate from the perspective of investment as well as from that of macroeconomics.
  • Project management and communication in the construction process, project development, program writing, design management, construction project management, organization, information management and experience feedback, project management support, the logistics and information technology of construction.

  • The role of the financial sector in building society; customer relations in banking, finance and insurance; the business models of banking and financial companies; sustainable financial infrastructure; property and finance.


Students' office

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