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  • The Podcast is Back!

    Published Sep 10, 2018
    The podcast “Intervention” serves as a megaphone for ongoing discussions and research in the environmental humanities. Johan Gärdebo and Eric Paglia began the podcast in 2014 and interviews have subsequently been conducted staff and students at the Division of History of Science, Technology and Environment.

  • Archipelago Lecture 2018: The Great Uprooting - Amitav Ghosh

    Published Sep 10, 2018
    Migration and Movement in the Age of Climate Change

  • Crosscuts Film Festival 2018: Bridges

    Published Jun 21, 2018
    We are happy to announce that EHL in collaboration with Miyase Christensen successfully applied for funding from Formas and that we will run a film festival, art and research event on environmental humanities this fall. The theme is Bridges. We will follow up on this not only in the program, but also in the choice of venues and the targeted audience. We aim to build bridges between different areas and the diversity in Stockholm, by reaching out to both academics and segregated groups. But we also aim to build bridges inside the Division between the different research themes we have going on here.

  • Stories and Seeds Finale with Wall-E

    Published Apr 11, 2018
    The last session of the Stories and Seeds film-forums will revolve around the idea of Earth as a spaceship with the film “Wall·E” (2008). The event will be chaired by Sabine Höhler, physicist and historian who currently heads the Division of History of Science, Technology and Environment at KTH. Sabine’s research interests cover the cultural history of science and technology, environmental history and feminist science and technology studies. Her work on the history of space flight and ecology focuses on Spaceship Earth as a key metaphor in the late twentieth-century debate over the world’s resources and the future of humanity.

  • Stories and Seeds film-forums: Expedition to the End of the World

    Published Dec 20, 2017
    16 January: The fourth session of the Stories and Seeds film-forums will deal with the role of the media in framing Arctic climate change with the film “Expedition to the End of the World” (2013).

  • New project at the LAB

  • Stories and Seeds film-forums: Apple Grown in Wind Tunnel

    Published Nov 07, 2017
    29 November: The third session of of the Stories and Seeds film-forums will revolve around toxic embodiment with the screening of the short film “Apple Grown in Wind Tunnel” (2000)

  • Stories and Seeds film-forums: Disobedience

    Published Oct 09, 2017
    25 October: For the second session of of the Stories and Seeds film-forums we will screen the documentary Disobedience (2016).

  • Film Screening: Awake - A Dream from Standing Rock

    Published Sep 21, 2017
    As a part of the ENHANCE School in Public Environmental Humanities the film is shown as an open public event.

  • Stories and seeds film forum

    Published Sep 07, 2017
    Time: September 20th 6 P.M. Venue: KTH Library

  • Archipelago Lecture 2017: Dan Fagin

    Published Aug 25, 2017
    Time: Thursday 5th October. 15.00 to 17:00 Venue: the Conference Room at the University of Dance and Circus (DOCH), Brinellvägen 58, Stockholm

  • KTH scholar Dr. Henrik Ernstson joining The University of Manchester part-time from Aug 2017

    Published Aug 14, 2017
    Dr. Henrik Ernstson at the KTH Royal Institute of Technology will from 1 Aug 2017 start a 10% part-time Human Geography position at The University of Manchester’s School of Environment, Education and Development.

  • The Travelling Scientist's Itinerary

    Published Aug 09, 2017
    This project began as a blog, The Travelling Scientist, inviting fellow academics to contribute with stories and reflections about academic travelling. The blog later expanded into a project, “Travelling Without Borders,” funded by KTH-Sustainability. The project allowed for more systematic work with the blog content that could be used for formulating an online survey on academic travelling, a workshop at KTH and an op-ed article “Klimatforskarna förvärrar utsläpp” [“Climate scientists aggravate emissions”] in one of the largest Swedish dailies, the Svenska Dagbladet.

  • New book, edited by Marco Armiero and Richard Tucker

    Published Jun 21, 2017
    "Lampedusa, Indomeni and Ventimiglia are the centers of a new geography of Europe, places which embody the fact that migration, borders, and bodies intertwine, creating a political ecology of humans’ movement and state’s control. Routes of hopes and desperation crisscross the Mediterranean; acts of violence and disobedience dot the fortified borders of Europe

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