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  • Stories and Seeds film-forums: Expedition to the End of the World

    Published Dec 20, 2017
    16 January: The fourth session of the Stories and Seeds film-forums will deal with the role of the media in framing Arctic climate change with the film “Expedition to the End of the World” (2013).

  • New project at the LAB

  • Stories and Seeds film-forums: Apple Grown in Wind Tunnel

    Published Nov 07, 2017
    29 November: The third session of of the Stories and Seeds film-forums will revolve around toxic embodiment with the screening of the short film “Apple Grown in Wind Tunnel” (2000)

  • Stories and Seeds film-forums: Disobedience

    Published Oct 09, 2017
    25 October: For the second session of of the Stories and Seeds film-forums we will screen the documentary Disobedience (2016).

  • Film Screening: Awake - A Dream from Standing Rock

    Published Sep 21, 2017
    As a part of the ENHANCE School in Public Environmental Humanities the film is shown as an open public event.

  • Stories and seeds film forum

    Published Sep 07, 2017
    Time: September 20th 6 P.M. Venue: KTH Library

  • Archipelago Lecture 2017: Dan Fagin

    Published Aug 25, 2017
    Time: Thursday 5th October. 15.00 to 17:00 Venue: the Conference Room at the University of Dance and Circus (DOCH), Brinellvägen 58, Stockholm

  • KTH scholar Dr. Henrik Ernstson joining The University of Manchester part-time from Aug 2017

    Published Aug 14, 2017
    Dr. Henrik Ernstson at the KTH Royal Institute of Technology will from 1 Aug 2017 start a 10% part-time Human Geography position at The University of Manchester’s School of Environment, Education and Development.

  • The Travelling Scientist's Itinerary

    Published Aug 09, 2017
    This project began as a blog, The Travelling Scientist, inviting fellow academics to contribute with stories and reflections about academic travelling. The blog later expanded into a project, “Travelling Without Borders,” funded by KTH-Sustainability. The project allowed for more systematic work with the blog content that could be used for formulating an online survey on academic travelling, a workshop at KTH and an op-ed article “Klimatforskarna förvärrar utsläpp” [“Climate scientists aggravate emissions”] in one of the largest Swedish dailies, the Svenska Dagbladet.

  • New book, edited by Marco Armiero and Richard Tucker

    Published Jun 21, 2017
    "Lampedusa, Indomeni and Ventimiglia are the centers of a new geography of Europe, places which embody the fact that migration, borders, and bodies intertwine, creating a political ecology of humans’ movement and state’s control. Routes of hopes and desperation crisscross the Mediterranean; acts of violence and disobedience dot the fortified borders of Europe

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