Stockholm Archipelago Lecture Series

The Stockholm Archipelago Lectures are part of the public activities of the KTH Environmental Humanities Laboratory.

The next lecture will take place on 5th of October at 3 PM, with environmental journalist Dan Fagin. The lecture will take place at the University of Dance and Circus on Brinellvägen 58, Stockholm. Read more about Dan on his personal website here

The series was initiated in 2012 and includes the following lectures so far: 

Michelle Murphy

AlterLife in the Aftermath of Industrial Chemicals

27 October 2016


Noel Castree

The Environmental Humanities and Global Change Research

2 November 2015

Laura Pulido

Environmental Racism as State-Sanctioned Violence

9 October 2014

Kirsten Hastrup

The Meltdown of a High Arctic Hunting Community

11 September 2013

David Lowenthal

Reflections on the Environmental Humanities

19 Spetember 2012

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