Resource Extraction and Sustainable Arctic Communities (REXSAC)

Nordic Center of Excellence

REXSAC – Resource Extraction and Sustainable Arctic Communities – is a Nordic Centre of Excellence in Arctic research, funded by Nordforsk and led by the division of history of science, technology and environment at KTH, together with Stockholm University and Stockholm Environment Institute. Together with 12 additional partners in the Nordic countries, REXSAC studies extractive resource industries in the Arctic as cultural, social, economic, and ecological phenomena – from analysis of why resource extraction commences, to what consequences it has for communities in the Arctic and beyond, and what opportunities exist for transitioning toward post-extractive futures.

Time period: 2016-2020

Researchers from the division: Dag Avango , Peder Roberts , Annika E. Nilsson  and Sverker Sörlin

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Pyramiden, a Soviet/Russian mining settlement closed in 1998. Today the mining company that owns it, and the tourism industry at Longyearbyen, are making money by selling it to tourists as an authentic experience of the Soviet past. Photo: Dag Avango 2016. Photo and text taken from
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