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Innovation Systems of Wind Power in Denmark and Sweden: Close but Different

Wind power technology has attracted a number of studies in social
science the latest years, however, the contemporary history of wind
power has is not a well studied topic among historians. On a political
level, the rising awareness about climate change has lead to an
increased interest for sustainable technology. In addition, a growing
number of countries have put attention to the possibilities of making
sustainable technology into as large growth and export sector. But, as
has been pointed out, Sweden is not a fore-runner in this case.

The role of  ideological movements in these processes is interesting. In
Denmark, for example, the environmental movement have been initializing
wind-power farms, whereas the environmental movement in Sweden often has
perceived wind-power as a threat to wild-life and fauna, thus resisting

The purpose of this project is to investigate the role of resistance
within the innovation system of wind power in Sweden, focusing on the
“pre-history” – in this case perceived as the 1980s.  How has the
environmental movement interacted with other movements on the issue?
What have the perceived risks been? What about local stakeholders? The
aim is to develop a deeper understanding of situated experiences of risk
and resistance in one of the key sustainable technologies of today.


Funding :J. Gust. Richert stiftelse

End: 2012-06-30
Researcher at KTH: Maja Fjaestad