Ecocide and Humanitarian Catastrophe in the Anthropocene

Time: Mon 2015-11-23 13.30

Lecturer: Polly Higgins

Location: KTH, Division for History of Science, Technology and Environment

The KTH Environmental Humanities Laboratory invite you to a workshop with Polly Higgins to discuss the ongoing ecocide in relation to migration and refuge in the Anthropocene as well as means for structural change of policy, jurisdiction and academia.

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Details for workshop on Monday, 23 November, kl. 13.30-15.30

We will draft a plan for 2016 on how to work with research, policy and activism relating to violence and environment. We invite all participants to shape this collaboration with the aim to set more ambitious policy-making against Ecocide, research that inquiry into the means to address Ecocide before and after Stockholm Conference 1972, where the term was coined, and ideas on how to support activism that raises awareness on Ecocide as connected to violence (and indifference) towards both people and ecosystems.

As indicated in the workshop-presentation, this work will address how Ecocide is connected to civil strife such as migration and refuge from warfare. We will discuss this connection, causes and impacts, and how to raise awareness and action through further collaboration in 2016. We firstly welcome you as participants to formulate a question and/or idea on how to proceed next in relation both to the ongoing ecological and humanitarian catastrophe. And secondly we attach two texts on violence against humans and ecosystems to be read as food for thought.

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Inspiration texts for the workshop can be accessed here .

For further info contact Johan Gärdebo .

The workshop will be preceded by a lecture by Polly Higgins. More information about the lecture here .

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