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Higher seminar "Educational Imaginaries: Governance at the Intersection of Technology and Education"

Lina Rahm is doctor of pedagogy and the Ragnar Holm research fellow at the Division. Her research is focused on sociotechnical and educational imaginaries. Specifically, she has mapped out the genealogy of the digital citizen as an entanglement of automation, education and citizenship. Empirically, her research spans from the 1950s up until today. The results point to the important convergence of educational studies, science and technology studies, and historical studies. Her work presents a new framework (educational imaginaries) that combines sociotechnical imaginaries with the notion of problematisations as a form of governmental logic.

Time: Mon 2020-11-02 13.15 - 14.45

Lecturer: Lina Rahm, Ragnar Holm Fellow 2020 at KTH, Division of History of Science Technology

Location: Zoom

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