Annual Reports

The Division has published reports since its early years in the beginning of the
1990s, then as the Division of History of Science and Technology. These reports
are always good to have. They serve as anchoring points for institutional memory
and inspiration for comparison and reflection.

“When we have chosen “Defining Humanities” as the title of this report it is actually not because the Division represents the largest concentration of humanities at KTH – but rather because we wish to signal that the humanities that students and society deserve should have this capacity to define the issues and the problems, and also define directions for the innovations and transformations that undoubtedly lie ahead.”

Download and read our latest annual report here:

Defining Humanities, The Division Report 2017-2018 (pdf 6.2 MB)

Earlier Reports:

Here are our annual reports from 2008 and onwards:

Annual Report 2015-2016 (pdf 4.9 MB)

Annual report 2012-2014 (pdf 3.7 MB)

Annual report 2011 (pdf 1.1 MB)

Annual report 2010 (pdf 341 kB)

Annual report 2009 (pdf 374 kB)

Annual report 2008 (pdf 387 kB)

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Last changed: Oct 22, 2019