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European corner S.O.S waterfronts - impact of climate on the waterfronts of Europe

Published Nov 12, 2020

Time: fredag 27 november 2020 14:00 - 15:00 CET

This webinar gives insight into the exciting ongoing research on the S.O.S. – Sustainable Open Solutions for European urban waterfronts.

Undeniably, climate changes affect regions all over the world. Sea level rise, high tides, storms and floods enhance the vulnerability of urban waterfront territories and deeply affect the quality of human life. European Commission points out that urban areas, where 4 out of 5 Europeans now live, are exposed to the adverse effects of climate change but are often ill-equipped to adapt to them.

Particularly this webinar will present:

  • how urban waterfronts could be re-thought as laboratories for innovative climate adaptation solutions.
  • how planning for waterfronts goes beyond urban and economic features and reflect upon cultural, political, environmental and social characteristics.

S.O.S Climate Waterfront is an interdisciplinary project that aims to explore waterfronts in Europe that are facing climate change. The project collects different disciplines to create new strategies for sustainable solutions for infrastructure and urban planning in Europe. Four cities and four partners in the project will present their work and research on transforming urban waterfronts, from Lisbon, Thessaloniki and Stockholm.


  • Prof. Pedro Garcia, Coordinator HORIZON2020 S.O.S. Climate Waterfront and Professor Laval University Quebec, Canada 
  • Prof. Lucyna Nyka, Ph.D., D.Sc., Architect, Dean, Faculty of Architecture, Gdańsk University of Technology
  • Prof. Alkmini Paka, Head of the School of Architecture A.U.Th., Aristotelio Panepistimio Thessalonikis
  • Dr Katarina Larsen KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Div. History of Science, Technology and Environment

Moderator: Iwona Preis, CEO Intercult, Stockholm, Sweden

See more information and registration on this link: European Corner

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