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R-QUEST Midterm Evaluation Report

Published Dec 18, 2020

Recently the Midterm Panel Evaluation was completed for the Research Quality and Policy Impaxtstudies Centre R-QUEST. The Division is one of five partners in the Centre, represented mainly by Sverker Sörlin, Mats Benner and Linus Salö.

R-QUEST 2020 - Midterm Evaluation Report by Expert Panel for R-QUEST

"Overall, the panel assesses the work of the centre as being very ambitious, promising and with a high potential. By establishing a consortium with very good mix of competences, it has laid the ground for positive outputs also in the future.

On a more general level, we also had a positive impression of the programme as a whole. The FORINNPOL Centres address timely and important topics: 1) Research quality; 2) Effects of research and research-based innovation; and 3) Research and innovation for restructuring. From what we have seen and have been able to assess, we are confident that the FORINNPOL Centres so far established offer the possibility for multidisciplinary and path-breaking research on a long term basis with the potential to longer lasting effects on the research capacities in Norway."

The panel consisted of five eminent researchers and experts led by Wolfgang Polt, Director, Institute for Economic and Innovation Research, JOANNEUM.


"Quality in research is a highly prioritized, but also a much debated issue in research policy. The Centre for Research Quality and Policy Impact Studies (R-QUEST) constitutes an 8-year commitment to explore the nature and mechanisms of research quality – funded by the RCN FORINNPOL initiative."
Quote from the R-QUEST Webpage

Centre director:

  • Research Professor Liv Langfeldt, NIFU

Partner institutions:

  • Department of political science, University of Oslo
  • Danish Centre for Studies in Research and Research Policy, University of Aarhus
  • Centre for Science and Technology Studies (CWTS), Leiden University
  • Division of History of Science, Technology and Environment, KTH – Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm
  • Manchester Institute of Innovation Research (MIoIR), The University of Manchester

Host institution:

  • NIFU – Nordic Institute for studies in Innovation, Research and Education

Operation period:

  • 2016-2024
Belongs to: Division of History of Science, Technology and Environment
Last changed: Dec 18, 2020