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The Division's Miyase Christensen on Media, Power and the Issues Facing the Arctic Today

Professor Miyase Christensen said she was deeply concerned about the fact that "we hit a record low Arctic sea-ice minimum this year". Photo: Avstraliavasin/Mostphotos
Published Nov 13, 2020

In the first Global Arctic Mission Council Broadcast, Miyase Christensen affiliated at the Division and Professor of Media and Communication Studies at Stockholm University, discuss media, power and the issues facing the arctic today together with other experts.


”As you know, we hit a record low Arctic sea-ice minimum this year, so unfortunately the stakes are even higher in many ways”, professor Miyase Christensen, Stockholm University, told IMS website of Stockholm University on Monday. Yesterday she addressed the power politics that threatens the future of the region, as the Arctic Circle Mission Council gathered virtually this year.

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