3. Lectures and literature

All lectures will take place at KTH campus. The aim of the lectures and related readings is to explain how and why global processes of change (climate, economic, political, cultural) influence environments and societies in the Arctic, how Arctic communities deal with those changes, and how different stakeholders perceive the future of this region. With this objective, the lectures are divided into the following themes.

3.1 Course introductions

1) Stockholm, Sweden and the KTH (My Delby and Arianne Roberts)

2) Environment and Society in a changing Arctic – general introduction (Dag Avango)

3) Field work in Arctic Sweden: research tasks, theory, methodology and an introduction to the Kiruna area (Lecture, Dag Avango)

- Avango & Hacquebord 2012, Polar industrial heritage
- Nilsson, Bo 2010, Ideology, environment and forced relocation
- Zakrisson & Cars 2013, Kiruna

3.2 Introductions to the field: Environment and society in a changing Arctic

4) The human geography of the Arctic in historical perspective (lecture, Dag Avango)

5) The human geography of Norrland in historical perspective (lecture, Dag Avango)

6) Climate change and its impact in the Arctic and in the Fennoscandian north (lecture, Gunhild Rosqvist)

- Cannon 2012, A History of the Arctic. Nature, Exploration and Exploitation, pages: TBD
- Nymand Larsen & Fondahl 2014, Arctic Human Development Report, pp: 151-183
- Elenius, Lars 2015, The Barents Region: a transnational history of Subarctic Northern Europe, pp: TBD
- Keskitalo et al, Contrasting Arctic… pp: 351-65
- Rosqvist 2015, Multiple pressures
- SWIPA 2011 report: http://www.amap.no/documents/doc/arctic-climate-issues-2011-changes-in-arctic-snow-water-ice-and-permafrost/129

3.3 Environmental impacts of climate change in the Arctic

7) Historical perspective on climate and environmental change in the Arctic (lecture, Gunhild Rosqvist)

8) Environmental challenges in the Kebnekaise mountains, northern Sweden (lecture, Gunhild Rosqvist)

9) Multiple pressures from climate and land use change on reindeer husbandry (lecture, Gunhild Rosqvist)

10) Glaciers and climate, development of research and monitoring (lecture, Gunhild Rosqvist)

3.4 Resource colonialism in the Fennoscandian north: exploration, science and industry from the 12th century to the present

11) Sweden in the Arctic: colonization, science and industry (lecture, Dag Avango)

12) Constructing Arctic natural resources (lecture, Dag Avango)

- Sörlin, Rituals and resources, 2002
- Öhman, On visible places, 2006
- Avango, Roberts & Nilsson 2012, Assessing Arctic Futures
- Avango & Högselius 2012, Under the ice

3.5 Changing perceptions of the Arctic

13) Perceptions of the Arctic in the early modern period (lecture, Mark Safstrom)

14) Perception of the Arctic in the late modern period (lecture, Mark Safstrom)

15) Narratives of technology, conservation, and tourism (lecture, Mark Safstrom)

16) Sami and Indigenous Populations in the North (Lecture, Anna Westerstahl-Stenport)


- Excerpts from Johan Turi’s An Account of the Sami (1910) about the Kautokeino Rebellion, pp. 177-183, with introduction by Thomas Dubois.
- Carl von Linné's "Tour in Lapland"
- Excerpts from Johan Turi's “An Account of the Sami,” pp. 3-33, 66-73, 86-90, 97-109, 119-137, 161-163. (Start and stop at nearest headings)
- Holland, "Farthest North,"
- “The Norse Myths”
- “The Vinland Sagas”
- H.C. Andersen’s "The Snow Queen"
- Kuokkonen 2011, Self-determination and Indigenous Women
- Minde 2003, Indigenous peoples: resource management
- Silven 2014, Constructing a Sami cultural heritage
- Nordiska Museet 2007, Sápmi – on being Sami in Sweden

3.6 The future of the Arctic: resource extraction, post-industrial communities and governance

17) Natural resource developments in Sápmi (Lecture, Rebecca Lawrence, University of Stockholm)

18) Governance in a changing Arctic (Lecture, Annika Nilsson, SEI)

19) Abandoned industrial landscapes: a curse or a resource for sustainable communities? (lecture, Dag Avango)

20) Constructing pasts for polar futures: the use of history and heritage in Arctic politics (Lecture, Dag Avango)

- Avango 2013, Heritage in action
- Lawrence, Rebecca, 2014, “Internal colonisation and Indigenous resource sovereignty: wind power developments on traditional Saami lands”, Environment and Planning D: Society and Space, volume 32, pp 1036 – 1053.
- Nymand Larsen & Fondahl 2014, Arctic Human Development Report, pp: 183-220
- Avango & Roberts, forthcoming, Industrial heritage and Arctic mining sites
- Storm & Olsson 2012, The Pit

3.7 Museum visits and film screenings

21) Sapmi exhibition at Nordiska Museet (Nordic museum) (led by Anna Westerstahl Stenport)

22) Screening and discussion of Sami Daughter Yoik (56 min. Liselotte Wajstedt, 2008).

23) Film Screening, The Kautokeino Rebellion (96 min. Nils Gaup, Norway, 2008) with discussion

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