Undergraduate Education

The history of science and technology provides historical and social perspectives on technology and technological change. Our main focus is to understand the forces behind technological change as well as the social and cultural consequences of technological development - in past and present.

At the Division of History of Science, Technology and Environment there are a number of courses given in English - all of which make use of history to problematize and explain the complex relations between science, society and technology.

Two of the courses, "Energy and Geopolitics" and "Media, Technology and Culture" are taught at an Advanced level (meaning Second cycle) and aimed to students who study in Master's programs or at a comparable level.

You are also welcome to conduct your Master's thesis in History of Science and Technology at our Division. If you are interested, please contact Professor Nina Wormbs, nina@kth.se

If you want more information about our undergraduate courses, please contact course responsible teacher or Per Högselius, director of studies.


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