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Student's Service

We don't have a physical student's office here at the Division, but you are most welcome to email us with any questions. We aim to answer all emails within 24 hours during the ordinary work weeks. The Student's Service is usually closed from the middle of December to the beginning of January, and all of July.


Applying for a course:

You cannot attend a course without being registered, and to be able to register you need to be admitted. If you are a student within KTH you should turn to your student counselor or coordinator to do this. If you come from outside of KTH you should apply through the offical system:

Canvas and KTH Social

We use Canvas in all our courses. To get access to the course page you need to be registered to the course. In the few cases we use KTH Social, the access is given by the course assistant.

Register to a course:

During the first course week you can registerer for any course that you have been admitted to through your course pages in LADOK. If you have problem with your registration, want to re-register for a course or missed the deadline - please email our administrator. In order to get your credits and to be fully insured as a student, you need to be registered for the course. 

Thesis work/ Degree Project

You are welcome to conduct your Master's thesis in History of Science, Technology and Environment at our Division. If you are interested, please contact Professor Nina Wormbs,

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