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Ice Formwork: Digital Fabrication, Complex Geometry and High Performance Concrete

This seminar will be presented in English.

Time: Thu 2021-03-11 15.00 - 16.00

Location: Zoom (link will be sent out after registration)

Lecturer: Vasily Sitnikov

The Ice Formwork system is a digital fabrication method proposed, studied and tested by Vasily Sitnikov at KTH School of Architecture. The method enables production of bespoke design geometry using artificially frozen water as the moulding material in lieu of the petrochemical or engineered wood products conventionally used for the moulding. It has been identified that the Ice Formwork method can significantly reduce the embodied energy and carbon footprint of the derivative concrete products and allows reduced cement consumption as it is compatible with UHPC, and that it fully supports the production of complex and mass-optimized concrete structures. In addition, a unique practical advantage of Ice Formwork is the rapid and autonomous demoulding process facilitated by simple melting of the ice moulds. The method thus allows the robotic fabrication of design geometry that would be unfeasible with other production methods.

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