Science, Biophilia, and the Evolution of Architecture

The Centre for the Future of Places invited Dr. Nikos Salingaros from the University of Texas to hold a lecture at KTH.

Dr. Nikos Salingaros is professor at the University of Texas in San Antonio.

He is the author of six books on architectural and urban design, translated into six languages, and over 120 academic papers. His work emphasizes deriving evidence-based rules for the built environment using scientific methods. His work links human-scale urbanism to developing architectural movements such as P2P Urbanism, the Network City, Biophilic Design, Self-Built Housing, Generative Codes, and Sustainable Architecture. Prof. Salingaros has collaborated with the visionary architect and software pioneer Christopher Alexander, helping to edit the four-volume work on The Nature of Order during its twenty-five-year gestation.

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Last changed: Mar 18, 2019