PhD Thesis in Geodesy

PhD Thesis in Geodesy

Majid Abrehdary (2016). Recovering Moho parameters using gravimetric and seismic data.

Ronald Ssengendo (2015).  A height datum for Uganda based on a gravimetric quasigeoid model and GNSS/levelling.

Yueming Zhao (2013). Key Technologies in Low-cost Integrated Vehicle Navigation Systems

Massoud Shirazian (2013). Quality description in GPS precise point positioning.

Mohammad Bagherbandi (2011). An Isostatic Earth Crustal Model and Its Applications.

Mehdi Eshagh (2009). On satellite gravity gradiometry.

Prosper Ulotu (2009). Geoid model of Tanzania from sparse and varying gravity data density by the KTH method.

Yuriy Reshetyuk (2009). Self-calibration and direct georeferencing in terrestrial laser scanning.

Johan Andersson (2008). A Complete Model for Displacement Monitoring Based on Undifferenced GPS Observations.

Ramin Kiamehr (2006). Precise Gravimetric Geoid Model for Iran Based on GRACE and SRTM Data and the Least-Squares Modification of Stokes' Formula: with Some Geodynamic Interpretations.   (Errata)

Jonas Ågren (2004). Regional geoid determination methods for the era of satellite gradiometry

Artu Ellmann (2004). The geoid for the Baltic countries determined by the least squares modification of Stokes' formula.

Addisu Hunegnaw (2001). Geoid Determination over Ethiopia with Emphasis on Downward Continuation of Gravity Anomalies

S-G Mårtensson (2001). Height Determination by GPS - A Practical Experiment in Central Sweden

Hossein Nahavandchi (1998). Precise GPS-Gravimetric Geoid determination with Improved Topographic Corrections over Sweden

Patric Jansson (1998). Precise Kinematic GPS Positioning with Kalman Filtering and Smoothing- Theory and Applications

Kjell Almgren (1998). A New Method for GPS Ambiguity Resolution on-the-fly at Short Baselines

Peter Nsombo (1996). Geoid Determination over Zambia

Tomas Egeltoft (1996). Data Analysis and Adjustment in Precise Levelling with Applications to The Third Swedish Precise Levelling

Ming Pan (1995). Application of the Global Positioning System to the Baltic Sea Level Project

Tomas Nord (1993). Numerical Studies in Physical Geodesy

Abera Alemu (1992). The Gravity Field and Crustal Structure of the Main Ethiopian Rift Valley

Stig Holmberg (1990). User's Requirements in Geoinformatic Systems

Huaan Fan (1989). Geoid Determination by Global Geopotential Models and Integral Formulas

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