The department of Transport Science


The Transport System of Tomorrow is both greener and more sustainable, safer and smarter


From 1 January 2018, the two divisions from the Department of Transport Science has been placed at other departments within the School of Architecture and the Built Environment. As part of this re-organisation, the Department of Transport Science has ceased to be an organisational unit. The department's activities continues within the divisions.

Division of Transport Planning, Economics and Engineering

Division of Systems Analysis and Economics

A flexible and sustainable transport system is essential in a well-functioning society. However, transport problems are becoming larger in scale and more complex in content, making them all the more challenging to solve. The world’s population is growing, and soon more than half of all people on earth will be living in large cities. Consequently, the number of vehicles, as well as the traffic volumes, may increase dramatically.

We have excellent research and educational programmes in a range of areas concerning the future transport system. The Department collaborates closely with nationally and internationally leading research groups; with the Swedish Transport Administration, and other planning agencies; with the Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute (VTI); and with industry.

Research about the transport system is interdisciplinary and covers all modes of transport, both when it comes to personal travel and to goods transport. Our research covers such areas as travel behaviour, use of economic instruments and forecasting, and values and policy issues. How to use information technology to monitor, control and facilitate the use of the transport system has also become an increasingly important research area.
One important issue that cuts across many areas of research is how to achieve improved energy efficiency and reduced environmental impact from the transport sector - i.e. how we can foster a greener, safer and smarter transport system.