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The KTH Great Prize 2007 awarded to Christer Fuglesang

Christer Fuglesang, who became the first Swede into space as he joined space shuttle Discovery into orbit in December 2006, is receiving the KTH Great Prize for 2007, since he has added himself and his space walk, and also Sweden, to the history of Space for all time, according to the official Prize Motivation.

Christer Fuglesang

Thanks to his three ventures in space outside the ISS International Space Station, Christer Fuglesang´s name was on the lips of every Swede – now he will be formally awarded for it, too.

“When President Anders Flodström called me and told me about the Prize, I thought ”this is terrific”, says Christer Fuglesang. “I´m here on campus now for a few days, so this fits nicely with my stay.”

His personal space feat has given Swedish interest in technology and natural science a great push forward. This is emphasized in the KTH Great Prize citation:

“Christer Fuglesang is awarded this Prize since as our first Swedish astronaut and cosmonaut he has added himself, and our country, to the history of space for all time. His feat has also added to the general public interest in the varied expressions of natural science as well as technology. By way of his unassuming personality, his commitment to the task at hand, and his technical skill Christer Fuglesang constitutes the very incarnation of a true engineer in the service of mankind.”

Christer has received widespread attention in the last six months, yet he says this is something very special:

“This tops everything, I should say. Remember, I’m a KTH graduate and my heart is here.”

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Last changed: Dec 04, 2019