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The KTH Great Prize 2010 awarded to Hans Rosling

He has been named one of the world's foremost thinkers and for 25 years he has striven to make all of the people in the world feel better and less sick. Hans Rosling - this year's winner of KTH's Major Prize.

Hans Rosling (Photo: Ulf Sirborn)

"Hans Rosling is spreading, with a caring and pedagogical pathos, scientifically-based science about the health conditions in the world by showing how statistics can be processed into understanding in an easily accessible manner. He is one of the founders of the Gapminder Foundation, a foundation which has developed the software Trendalyzer which, with its innovative animations, makes the story of the world's development understandable in a beautiful and entertaining way.

Hans Rosling’s ability to inspire and create a belief in the future is exemplary and for his selfless work on improving man's health with the help of technology

These are the words that provide the motivation as to why Hans Rosling will receive KTH’s Major Prize this year, which consists of a fine distinction and SEK 1 million.

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Last changed: Dec 04, 2019