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Professor Wallquists study medal

The study medal shall be a silver medal in the same size as the Berg medal (60 mm) with one side bearing the donor's picture, as in the Berg medal (same pressing) and the other side in principle the same but with the inscription "For outstanding academic performance at the Royal Institute of Technology."

It is annually awarded to a student in his/her final year at university, regardless of department, who during the study period has properly followed the tuition and at the end of each academic year has passed in all subjects in the programme during the academic year which have included examinations. If several students fulfil these requirements, the medal shall be awarded to the student with the highest average grade in all subjects. On the other hand, if there is no student who fulfils these requirements there will naturally be no award given. The donor makes no compromise on these requirements.

The medal is awarded each spring in connection with the diploma presentation.

The name on the medalist is always kept secret until the moment of presentation. The medal is normally awarded after the honorary grants.

2018 ---
2017 Rebecca Staffas, teknisk fysik
2016 Henrik Grimler, Applied Electrochemistry
2015 Love Fältström, Mechanical engineering
2014 Petter Nilsson, farkostteknik
2013 Mikael Westin, architecture
2012 Mats Persson, Engineering Physics
2011 Caroline Jonasson, Architecture
2010 Anna Jepson, Product Design
2009 ---
2008 Henrik Svärd, Vehicle Engineering
2007 Johan Andersson, Engineering Physics
2006 Martin Engdahl, Industrial Management
2005 Anders Biltmo,Engineering Physics

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Last changed: Jan 08, 2019