Conferment ceremony for PhD:s, November 27, 2020

The ceremony in Stockholm Concert Hall

The conferment of new doctors and inauguration of new professors takes place i the Stockholm Concert Hall on Friday the November 27 2020 at 4.00 p.m followed by a banquet with ball in Stockholm City Hall. Main entrance to the Concert Hall will open at 3 p.m.

Registration for PhD's will open in September 2020

Please note that last date for PhD:s to register to the event is September 29, 2020.

Registration will open September 2020

Please note that last date for registration to the event is October 6, 2020.

If you are unable to attend, please click here.

New doctors

In accordance with academic tradition, those who have defended their thesis and have received a doctorate degree during the 2019-2020 academic year (October 1 2019 - September 26 2020) will be eligible for the conferment ceremony above.

Thesis supervisors

Thesis supervisors will be invited to the event only if their particular student is attending.

New professors

New professors between September 1st 2019 - September 1st 2020 will be invited with partner.

From early August a film team is set to make a short introduction film ( approx 40 sec.) for each new professor. Instructions and time schedule for this will be sent to your e-mail. The promoted new professors will be inaugurated on the stage, during the ceremony and at the same time the film will be shown to the audience.

Affiliated- visiting- and adjunct professors, are also invited to the ceremony and banquet, with partner. Those categories will be mentioned in the printed program and also with a photo on the screen, when the president presents the new procfessors.

For new professors we also arrange a cocktail reception/ get together event, the evening prior to the big event in order to get more information of what will be expected from the you during the inauguration, but also to get to know the president, doctors of honour and fellow professors.

The ceremony

Both doctors and professors can invite 2 additional guests except their partner to attend the ceremony free of charge, however they must be equipped with entrance passes.


KTH invites new doctors and new professors with partner, free of charge, to the following banquet with ball room dancing that will be held in the City Hall of Stockholm. Free shuttle buses will take you from the Concert Hall to the City Hall.The banquet starts at approximately 7.45 p.m.

You have a possibility to bring more than one guest, however that comes with a fee. KTH will charge SEK 1800 per person for your guests other than your spouse. The charge has to be paid in advance with credit/bank card through the application page. If you choose to pay for more than 2 extra guests, they will of course be welcome for the ceremony too.

We suggest a baby sitter for your children if possible, rather than bringing them to the ceremony/banquet. It is not a suitable environment for children.


The dresscode 'white tie' is strictly required for new doctors and new professors who attends the ceremony. This attire is also desirable for guests taking part in the banquet. However, no evening dress i required for those guests attending the ceremony only.


Information regarding the ceremony, rehearsal and how the ceremony is conducted, will be sent to your e-mail after your registration.

Diploma, Doctor's hat, Doctor's ring

During the ceremony, all doctors conferred will receive a diploma. At KTH a Doctor's hat and ditto ring are not compulsory elements of the conferment ceremony. Everyone is, however, free to acquire such regalia individually.
The hat is brought to the Concert hall, stored under each person's chair and then put on after the ceremony.
The charge for a hat is approximately SEK 4600 excluding gold badge. Allow at least 8 weeks for delivery. For hat orders, please contact Hattmakarna,
Doctor's rings are ordered at Sandbergs, address: Nybrogatan 9, Stockholm phone: 08 679 90 20.


Applications can be made on top at this web page from mid september. You will find the password in your invitation.The invitation will be sent to your KTH e-mail

For additional information regarding the ceremony and everything around it, please contact Master of Ceremonies Anna Almlöw, E-mail: , phone: +46 8 790 96 21