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For a safer campus

A range of modifications on campus have been implemented to limit the spread of COVID-19. These adaptations are continuously monitored, and they will be modified if necessary.

• Service counters separated with plexiglass barriers
Floor markings showing where to stand for physical distancing
Signage informing about capacity restrictions, displayed in print and digital formats throughout campus
Limitations on group sizes will vary according to activities and settings, for example through scheduling and planning of teaching activities
• Designated seating for physical distance in classrooms, labs and lecture halls
• Hand sanitiser dispensers in lecture rooms and all student areas
• More frequent cleaning and disinfection of interiors, including toilets, door handles and handrails

Our shared responsibility in preventing the spread

If you are unwell

Stay at home if you experience any symptoms. If your condition worsens dial 1177 or visit  for healthcare advice. For emergency assistance, dial 112.

Wear a mask when recommended

Face masks are recommended in public transport at all times and in certain other situations. You are free to wear a mask in public at other times as well if you wish.

Respect signs and instructions

The signs on campus provide instructions from KTH that aim to limit the spread of the virus. Please follow them.

Keep your distance

Maintain physical distance from other people, both indoors and outdoors.

Wash your hands

Wash with soap and hot water frequently, for at least 30 seconds. Alcohol-based hand sanitiser can be used as well.

Sneeze and cough into your arm

Sneeze and cough into the bend of your arm or a paper towel.

Don't touch your face

Your eyes, nose and mouth are portals for virus to enter your system. Avoid touching your face.

Research on COVID-19

View of the THS building, Nymble
“And during a pandemic that main mission has to be dealt with in other ways—so it’s important to keep Nymble open, to provide students with a place to be," says THS President Teo Elmfeldt. Pictured: the exterior of Nymble facing Drottning Kristinas väg. (Photo: David Callahan)

'Student life will be huge after such a long wait'

When Charley Jönsson took over the KTH student union presidency during the first days of Spring 2020, he had come prepared with a raft of proposals fo...

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Person resting in light from window blinds
With the aid of mathematics, the researchers hope to find connections between HMGB-1 and the development of symptoms such as POTS in long Covid-19 patients.

Researchers use maths to find keys to long Covid

Researchers from KTH and the Karolinska Institute at the MedTechLabs Centre for Medical Technology Research now aim to determine why certain people wi...

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A binaural recording setup placed in the forest near Arlanda - a dummy head with microphones in ears
One of the binaural recording set-ups in the woods near Arlanda International Airport's runway 26. (photo: Anders Johansson)

In the silence of a pandemic, airport becomes a noise pollution test lab

With air traffic reduced to a shadow of its pre-pandemic levels, Stockholm’s international airport has become a lab of sorts, allowing researchers to ...

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Information for staff

More research on COVID-19