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Driver vehicle interaction: Results from the MODAS project on future autonomous systems and discussion of new ideas

Dr Stas Krupenia is a member of Scania’s Driver Vehicle Interaction Group. Dr Krupenia and his colleagues work on projects that makes driving safer, more efficient, and more pleasurable. This can mean a few different things. The group addresses things such as the design and feeling of a button, through to holistic concepts for supervising and controlling a self-driving truck.

Time: Wed 2015-03-25 11.30

Location: ITRL, Drottning Kristinas Väg 40

Dr Krupenia and the Interaction Group recently finished an interesting project (Methods for Designing Future Autonomous Systems; MODAS) that got a little bit of publicity in the popular media ( ). This talk will present some results from this and other previous projects and will finish off with a discussion of a possible “cross-functional” research collaboration suitable as FFI application for submission in call after summer.

Register for seminar and lunch sandwich before 23/3 kl 16.