A Possibly Swedish Pipe Organ Fantasy

The speaker will survey his "Fantasia Apocalyptica", a multimedia
work-in-progress that he is preparing for organ, together with video tracks
to accompany the music.

Time: Fri 2017-01-13 15.15 - 17.00

Lecturer: Donald E. Knuth, Professor of the Art of Computer Programming, Stanford

Location: Sal D3, KTH

This composition can perhaps best be regarded as a
somewhat literal translation of the ancient Biblical book of Revelation
into musical idioms, using 21st century ideas and methods. He will be in
Stockholm just after having spent more than a week at the school of music
in Piteå "beta-testing" his music on the magnificent Woehl organ in
Studio Acusticum.

The world premiere of Fantasia Apocalyptica may well take
place on that instrument a year from now.
Note: Members of the audience are encouraged to bring laptops and/or
PDF-enabled cell phones so that they can view the musical score during the talk.


Anders Björner,   bjorner@kth.se

2017-01-13T15:15 2017-01-13T17:00 A Possibly Swedish Pipe Organ Fantasy A Possibly Swedish Pipe Organ Fantasy
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