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Internationalisation as a driving force for quality in higher education

Part of KTH’s educational and quality seminar series led by Vice Dean of Faculty Per Berglund.

KTH is an international university when it comes to research, education and collaboration. In what ways can we utilise this to strengthen quality education. What measures must be taken and what opportunities must we give our teachers and students?

Time: Tue 2018-03-13 12.15 - 13.00

Location: Kollegiesalen, Brinellvägen 8

The seminar will also be shown live through this link

You can also choose to watch the seminar in hindsight through this link 

Stefan Östlund is Vice President for Global relations and overall international cooperations with responsibility for:
- International strategies
- Strategic partner universities
- International student recruitment

Björn Kjellgren is program director for bridging programmes for engineers and architects with foreign qualifications. He is also initiator for the introduction of certificate of global competence for students at KTH.

The seminar will be held in English.

Sign up using the link below. Registration is open until March 8th 2018.
Lunch sandwich with beverage is served to those who have signed up from 12:00.
Get in time so you can enjoy your sandwich!

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Contact person: Carina Kjörling, Univ. Adm./Planning and Evaluation Office: