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Live-Session KTH Live-In Lab - Building ventilation post Corona

KTH Live-In Lab will during 2021 host a set of sessions with the aim of bringing industry and academia together around a challenge of mutual interest. The goal is to identify one or a set of challenges, form a team, apply for funding and do world class R&D that makes buildings and cities smarter and more sustainable.

Time: Thu 2021-01-28 10.00 - 12.00

Location: Digitally via Zoom

Building ventilation post corona (28th of January)
The Live session will be 45 minutes presentation (15 minutes intro, then a set of pitches), then 10 minutes break and the final part will be 45 minutes discussion.

Challenge: How can ventilation systems in buildings be designed to minimize spread of bacteria and virus?

Intro: Jonas Anund Vogel - Director KTh Live-In Lab (5 min)

Pitches and themes:

Sasan Sadrizadeh (KTH) - CFD modelling (5 min)
Jakob Löndahl (LTH) - Experimental studies of airborne pathogens in indoor environments (5 min)
Aneta Wierzbicka (LTH) - Influence of occupants’ activities on airborne particle concentrations and characteristics indoors, sources of particles, role of kitchen hoods (5 min)
Birgitta Nordqvist (LTH) - Interplay between the ventilation system (their design and functionality) and occupants behaviour (how occupants understand it and use it) (5 min)
Jimmy Åström (Tovenco) - Challenges when designing and developing ventilation systems for housing and restaurants (5 min)
Tomas Engdal (Bengt Dahlgren) - Design and operation of ventilation systems in buildings (5 min)
More info closer to the event

The meeting will be via platform zoom and to join, please use the link below:

Live-Session KTH Live-In Lab - Building ventilation post Corona :

Meeting ID: 689 9150 8452



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