Moving safely in city environments

Time: Wed 2019-02-06 12.15 - 13.00

Lecturer: Vania Ceccato - School of Architecture and Built Environment, KTH

Location: South East Gallery, Main Library

A sustainable city is a safe city, one that allows mobility without the fear of crime, victimization and harassment. If individuals feel unsafe in public places they may avoid certain places at particular times of the day. This behavior can restrict physical activity and adversely affect health; it may create or reinforce borders between groups and neighborhoods, which in turn, can create isolation, consequently, more fear. Vania Ceccato presents a sample of KTH research devoted to safety in transit environments, in particular with focus on the results from a recent survey on crime and safety among 1200 KTH students.

Vania Ceccato
Vania Ceccato