Welcome to the presentation with “Working in Units”

Åsa Burman from Finish On Time will provide a tool for increased academic productivity
(the unit method) and present her book: Bli klar i tid och må bra på vägen: Handbok för
doktorander (Natur & Kultur, 2017). The talk is for both graduate and undergraduate

Time: Fri 2017-04-21 12.00

Location: Library, Osquars backe 31

To participate, please register here: goo.gl/forms/bHx4bNoZ22BZKFl22
We offer a free sandwich to the first 20 registered guests!

In this talk, I introduce some new strategies applicable to academic work, e.g., you will learn the unit
method, and apply it to your own work situation.
The background is that in academia we focus on what/the content of our work, but sometimes we
forget to pay attention to our own work process, or how we work, think, and act. However, the
process is important for finishing our work on time and managing stress levels. This talk is about ‘the
how’, or the process of academic work.


Mikko Bromark, mikkob@kth.se