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ICT for Transport Workshop

The ICT for Transport workshop, hosted by the ICT and Transport Research Platforms at KTH is arranged to create contacts between ICT and transport researchers at KTH and external partners. The intention is that this workshop will lead to common research projects and research grant proposals to e.g. Vinnova for large scale “ICT for transport” projects during 2015. The projects are expected to involve external partners and both ICT and transport researchers at KTH.

Time: Wed 2015-03-04 08.30 - 13.30

Location: Lecture Hall L1, Drottning Kristinas väg 30, KTH Campus


Anneli Önsten

The discussions will be focused on four topics, which are listed below. Every group is led by both an ICT researcher and a transport researcher from KTH. External partners will also participate in the discussions. 1. Autonomous and cooperative vehicles Discussion leaders: Jonas Mårtensson (Automatic control, KTH) and Petter Ögren (CVAP - Computer Vision and Active Perception Lab, KTH) 2. ICT for transportation planning Discussion leaders: Sebastiaan Meijer (Traffic and logistics, KTH) and Mario Romero (HPCViz - High Performance Computing and Visualization, KTH) 3. ICT for traffic sensing, management and control Discussion leaders: Erik Jenelius (Traffic and logistics, KTH), Carlo Fiscione (Automatic control, KTH) and James Gross (Communication Theory, KTH) 4. ICT for maintenance of transport systems Discussion leaders: Niki Kringos (KTH Road2Science Center) and Beatrice Jonsson (KTH & Scania)

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