Vernissage and summer exhibition: Concrete Experiments

Concrete – The foundations of our modern society were cast in concrete! We may associate the material with the optimism of modern city development, however, the history of concrete is much longer. Ancient Rome used concrete as an innovative construction material, ingeniously, and in ways that we can still admire across Europe today.

What is the role of concrete in the smart sustainable cities we are currently planning? From an environmental perspective, the material creates both challenges and opportunities. We can, for example, hope for a positive development linked to the potential binding of carbon dioxide and for innovative sustainable materials and components to reach the market soon.

The design course Concrete Experiments took place this spring at KTH School of Architecture and the exhibition in the Dome of Visions shows some of the projects that result from the course. The pedagogic point of departure was the architecture of Léonie Geisendorf. Her architectural practice was primarily in Sweden, where she counts among the most prominent architects of late modernity. She forms part of Le Corbusier’s diaspora across Europe and brought International Style to Sweden. The emphasis of the design course has been on the aesthetic qualities of concrete as a new building material in post-war Europe. This illustrated by some of Geisendorf’s exemplary buildings with significant three-dimensional spatial qualities, lightness and materiality.

The students have designed small pavilions proposed to be built on different sites on KTH campus, hereby adding learning spaces and venues for exhibitions, meetings and workshops. A follow-up to the Dome of Visions perhaps?

Time: Fri 2017-06-16 14.00 - Fri 2017-08-18 16.00

Location: Dome of Visions, KTH campus

Vernissage 15 June 14.00-17.00. The exhibition is ongoing until 18 August.

The course Cocnrete Experiments was taught by Charlie Gullström and Ori Merom, responsible teachers for Master Studio 4, KTH School of Architecture.

Image by Luca Rösch


Charlie Gullström,

2017-06-16T14:00 2017-08-18T16:00 Vernissage and summer exhibition: Concrete Experiments Vernissage and summer exhibition: Concrete Experiments
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